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How Does It Work?

As a Language Learner

Picture your ideal helper and call them

Choose a language helper that fulfils your expectations from a pool of helpers chosen by our algorithms.

Start a voice conversation

Take immediate steps on your journey to fluency by starting a live audio or video call whenever you want to practice speaking.

Evaluate your experience

Once your call is over, tell us how good the match was and evaluate the helper’s skills to assist the next learner find the right match.

As a Language Helper

Set your hourly rate and availability

Name your hourly rate and turn on your availability when you have time to help others in their language journey.

Pick up a call

Start a conversation with a language learner that shares your interests and is looking for your unique skill profile.

Evaluate your experience

Once your call is over, tell us how good the match was and evaluate the learner’s skills to help the next helper find the best match.

How Is Speaketto Different?

Matching Algorithm

Our dynamic machine-learning matching algorithm continually adapts to your skills and identifies the people best suited to help you improve your spoken language skills. The more you use the platform, the smarter it gets.

Language Marketplace

Speaketto is a language marketplace. It differs from a tandem matching service because everyone can focus on what they need, instead of wasting time seeking a partner who exactly reflects their skills.

Immediate Conversations

Speaketto values your time. With our constantly growing global user-base, you can improve your conversation skills according to your own schedule.

Embracing Simplicity

Our user experience is designed to be as easy and clear as possible. Everything is just a click away, and it’s all done in one place. There’s no need for anything else.

Amazing Experience

Our self-regulated marketplace offers rating and abuse prevention systems that provide a smooth and frictionless experience. The more you use Speaketto, the more amazing the experience becomes.